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Journal Club


Academic year 2022/2023

Ferdinando Di Cunto
Enzo Medico
1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year
Teaching period
Course disciplinary sector (SSD)
BIO/11 - molecular biology
BIO/17 - histology

Sommario del corso



The Journal Club is organized by II year students (36th cycle) and mandatory as part of the Characterizing activities of our Program.


  • June 30th

Selected papers:

1. Yu TJ, Ma D, Liu YY, Xiao Y, Gong Y, Jiang YZ, Shao ZM, Hu X, Di GH. Bulk and single-cell transcriptome profiling reveal the metabolic heterogeneity in human breast cancers. Mol Ther. 2021 Jul 7;29(7):2350-2365 (
→ introduced by Gaia Grasso, Maria Domenica Lupi e Federica La Terza.

2. Xiao, L., Zhang, F. & Zhao, F. Large-scale microbiome data integration enables robust biomarker identification. Nat Comput Sci 2, 307–316 (2022) (
→ introduced by Riccardo Aucello, Elisa Quarta ed Elena Rosso.

  • July 17th

Selected papers:

1. Liu, Y., Wang, H., Gui, S. et al. Proteomics analysis of the gut–brain axis in a gut microbiota-dysbiosis model of depression. Transl Psychiatry 11, 568 (2021).
→ introduced by Gianna Pavarino e Rachele Rosso.

2. Cañellas-Socias, A., Cortina, C., Hernando-Momblona, X. et al. Metastatic recurrence in colorectal cancer arises from residual EMP1+ cells. Nature 611, 603–613 (2022).
→ introduced by Paolo Battuello, Eleonora Piumatti ed Elodie Stasi.

  • June 25th

1.  Deborah Y Kwon, Bing Xu, Peng Hu, Ying-Tao Zhao, Jonathan A Beagan, Jonathan H Nofziger, Yue Cui, Jennifer E Phillips-Cremins, Julie A Blendy, Hao Wu, Zhaolan Zhou, Neuronal Yin Yang1 in the prefrontal cortex regulates transcriptional and behavioral responses to chronic stress in mice. Nature Communications volume 13, 55 (2022).
→ introduced by Debora Comai, Serena Vaglietti, Eugenio Manassero.

2. Meng-Di Xia, Rui-Ran Yu, Dong-Ming Chen, Identification of Hub Biomarkers and Immune-Related Pathways Participating in the Progression of Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody-Associated Glomerulonephritis. Front. Immunol., 05 January 2022, Sec. Inflammation,
Volume 12 (2021).
→ introduced by Antonio Francesco Zirattu, Silvia Foddai, Alice Barinotti.

  • September 6th

1. Assia Tiane, Melissa Schepers, Rick A. Reijnders, Lieve van Veggel, Sarah Chenine, Ben Rombaut, Emma Dempster, Catherine Verfaillie, Kobi Wasner, Anne Grünewald, Jos Prickaerts, Ehsan Pishva, Niels Hellings, Daniel van den Hove & Tim Vanmierlo. From methylation to myelination: epigenomic and transcriptomic profiling of chronic inactive demyelinated multiple sclerosis lesions.  Acta Neuropathologica, 07 June 2023, volume 146, 283–99.
→ introduced by Martino Bonato, Lorenzo Franchitti.

2. Daniel C. Kirouac, Cole Zmurchok, Avisek Deyati, Jordan Sicherman, Chris Bond & Peter W. Zandstra, Deconvolution of clinical variance in CAR-T cell pharmacology and response. Nature Biotechnology, 27 February 2023.
→ introduced by Cesare Rollo, Simona Aversano Stabile, and Letizia Vitali.

  • September 22nd
1. Klara Kropivsek, Paul Kachel, Sandra Goetze, Rebekka Wegmann, Yasmin Festl, Yannik Severin, Benjamin D. Hale, Julien Mena, Audrey van Drogen, Nadja Dietliker, Joëlle Tchinda, Bernd Wollscheid, Markus G. Manz & Berend Snijder. Ex vivo drug response heterogeneity reveals personalized therapeutic strategies for patients with multiple myeloma. Nature Cancer volume 4, pp. 734-53 (2023).
→ introduced by Letizia Pizzini, Carlo Leonardi, Rosita Rabbito.
2. Antonio Rampoldi 1, Parvin Forghani 1, Dong Li 1, Hyun Hwang 1, Lawrence Christian Armand 1, Jordan Fite 2, Gene Boland 2, Joshua Maxwell 1, Kevin Maher 1, Chunhui Xu. Space microgravity improves proliferation of human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes. Stem Cells Reports, Volume 17, Issue 10, pp 2272-85 11 October 2022
→ introduced by Sveva Bottini, Federica Sozza, Mirko Scrivano

From 17.00 to 19.00

LocationMolecular Biotechnology Center, Via Nizza, 52, 10126, Torino.

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