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Final defence

Extract from the Regulations of the University of Turin for the functioning of the Doctoral School and Doctoral Courses (pursuant to Ministerial Decree No. 226 of 14 December 2021).

Final Report

By the end of the last year of the course, the doctoral student is required to present a report on the activity carried out during the last year of the course to the Board.

The positive evaluation of the Board  on this activity is a necessary condition for admission to the final exam.

Designation of external evaluators

Following a positive evaluation, the Board acquires the opinions of the supervisors and appoints at least two evaluators for each doctoral thesis.

Eligibility criteria for Evaluators:

  • Not affiliated with subjects participating in the doctorate;
  • Highly qualified scientific experience;
  • At least one must be a university professor;
  • Can be affiliated with foreign or international institutions.

Writing and submission of the thesis

  • The doctoral thesis is written in English. 
  • The thesis is accompanied by a summary, written in English together with a report on the activities carried out during the doctoral course and any publications. 
  • The thesis must be sent to the Evaluators within the deadline established by the Board.

Thesis evaluation and revision

Within thirty days of receipt of the thesis, the Evaluators express a written analytical judgment, proposing admission to the public discussion or postponement of the discussion of the thesis for a period not exceeding six months.

After this period, the thesis, accompanied by a new written opinion given by the evaluators, is in any case admitted to discussion.

Final exam - thesis defense

The final exam consists of a public discussion of the thesis, if necessary by electronic means, before an Examining Board, composed of at least 3 effective members and 3 substitutes, proposed by the Faculty in compliance, where possible, with gender balance and appointed by a rectoral decree.

The Examining Board is composed by least two thirds of members with academic affiliation but not affiliated with the Institution administering the PhD Course; no more than one third of the members can be affiliated with subjects participating in the doctorate.

It is possible to appoint a single Examining Board for multiple candidates.

At the end of the discussion, the thesis is approved or rejected with a motivated collective judgement.

The Board, by unanimous vote, may award honors in the case of results of particular scientific importance.

Terms and fulfilments

The minutes of the Examining Board must be drawn up according to the facsimile provided by the administrative offices.

The Board is required to complete its work within 90 days of the date of issue of the Rector's appointment decree. Once this term has elapsed, any Board that has not completed its work will lapse and the Rector will appoint a new one, excluding the members who have lapsed.

The title of Doctor of Research (Dott. Ric./Ph.D.) is issued by the Rector.

After obtaining the degree, the candidate is required to deposit the thesis in the open access institutional archive which guarantees its conservation and public consultation.

Within thirty days of the discussion, the University deposits the thesis according to the procedure regulated by current legislation.

CSQB Internal rules

Reports, register and thesis must be inserted in the personal PhD drive (not your personal drive).

The Thesis must be indicated as "Surname_PhD-Thesis_first". The link must be sent to the Reviewers, together with the assessment form and the invitation, by putting in c/c

After any revisions, the new thesis must be inserted in the same drive, indicating it as "Surname_PhD-Thesis_final".

It is essential that the “first” version is left there, all documents must be checked by the Administrative Office.

Note: For admission to the final exam, the Faculty considers a publication necessary (see link)

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