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After the PhD

The PhD programme in "Complex Systems for Life Sciences" is deeply committed to the future career of our PhD graduates. This section of the website collects:
- the experiences of our Alumni;
- reliable resources for making the next move after the PhD graduation.

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Here you may find other alumni and current students of the PhD programme in "Complex Systems for Life Sciences" and interact with them. It is also enriched almost weekly with job offers (both inside and outside academia) and scientifically relevant seminars.

Complex System Phd Alumni - UniTO

Click here for listening the podcast interviews to our PhD Alumni and discover a little bit more about their careers after the PhD!

PhD Alumni Interview Podcast

DocPro is an online platform that helps PhDs to highlight their professional and personal skills in front of employers. It may be used by PhDs from all scientific fields, from STEM to Humanities, and from all countries. The tool is available in French and English.
DocPro was developed by the Association Bernard Gregory (ABG), the French Conference of University Presidents (CPU) and the French Business Confederation (MEDEF). The aim was to have companies, doctorate holders and doctoral programmes managers share the same understanding of the skills a doctorate develops.

DocPro Online Tool
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