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Visiting Fellowship - Germany
DAAD - Short-term grants
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DAAD - Short-term grants

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  • Description: research fellowships from 1 to 6 months in Germany, both universities and research centers
  • Deadline:
    - April 1st for research stays starting August 1st of the same year and January 15th of the following year;
    - September 15th for research stays starting February 1st and July 15th of the following year.
  • Website: here

  • Compatibility: The doctoral grant awarded by the Italian university is compatible with a DAAD - short research grant; however, in the event of a successful application, the amount of the DAAD grant remains unchanged only if the sum received by the Italian university is equal to or less than EUR 450. Any sum higher than this will result in a recalculation, i.e. a reduction of the DAAD grant.

    In order to have an approximate idea of how the recalculation can be carried out, you may consider the following: in general, the amount of 450 euros, corresponding in Germany to the maximum amount of tax-free income, must be subtracted from the total amount of the Italian grant. The resulting amount is then subtracted from the monthly amount of the DAAD grant.

    Irrespective of any recalculations of the monthly instalment of the research grant, the DAAD pays fellows a flat-rate contribution to travel expenses, currently amounting to approximately EUR 400.

    Whether or not they receive a doctoral grant from the Italian university has no effect on this lump sum.




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